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Following our decision to retire and sell the house, Drakes Montessori Childcare is closing on the 9th August 2019.

Montessori - A Brief Outline

Dr Maria Montessori was one of the most influential pioneers in early childhood education in the 20th century. Her ideas are well known, recognised throughout the world, and incorporated into good practice in mainstream education.

Montessori believed that all children are intrinsically motivated to learn. They absorb knowledge naturally and effortlessly - when provided with activities appropriate to their own stage of development. The Montessori philosophy of education is a practical approach, based on a carefully planned learning environment, which allows freedom of choice and movement.


Our orderly home is neither overcrowded nor over-stimulating. Child-sized equipment and furniture are provided in accordance with Montessori’s belief that independence leads to self-confidence and builds self-esteem.

Our interesting and carefully designed Montessori materials support the child’s natural instinct to learn and explore the world. Slowly knowledge increases, concentration begins to develop, the freedom to repeat activities without interruption gradually develops deeper concentration.

A children's table

All children are individuals, developing and learning at their own pace and for this reason competition between children is not encouraged. We encourage older children to help younger ones and support them in playing together.

Montessori advocated freedom within boundaries as appropriate to the child’s stage of development. We encourage the development of self-discipline by helping the children to develop social skills and emotional awareness; essential for their holistic growth and development.

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